Growing Chamomile from a Teabag

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~Growing Chamomile~
Tear an opening in an unused dry tea bag, and sprinkle the contents (these are the seeds) into a pot.

Position the pot in a shady area oustide or in a room that is lit well by the sun.

Spray the seeds with water until moist, and cover the pot with a shower cap or cling wrap.

Keep covered, and spray the seeds daily. They will germinate after 5 days or more.

You will need to transplant the seedlings when they have grown 1 to 2 inches. At this time, plant them at least 8 inches apart (in a shady area).

Regularly water your chamomile and remove weeds if they grow.


~Harvesting Chamomile~
Your chamomile will be in full bloom after eight weeks, then ready to harvest when the petals are positioned backwards slightly, but not all the way. If the petals are further back, the quality will still be good but it is best to harvest before this stage.

To harvest the flowers, comb your fingers through the plant to pluck the flowers from the stems.

If you preffer to keep the stems attached, use a pair of scissors to snip the stems at your desired length.

~Drying Chamomile~
Leave the chamomile flowers in a dark or shady, dry place.

The flowers should be spread out on a peice of outstretched cloth, or a herb drying rack to allow air flow.

Alternatively, harvest the flowers with the stem attatched, bunch together with elastic bands, and hang upside down to dry.

Chamomile will dry within a few weeks, and is dried when the stem is brittle and flowers crumble if pinched.

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