Mini Greenhouses from Recycled Windows.

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minnie greenhouse part 1.JPG

My husband and I moved to our family property after it had been left abandoned for about a year. The garden area was completely over grown. In and effort to start reclaiming the garden we started small. We had so many other things to tame and also get settled in.

My husband had stored this reclaimed window from a V.A. hospital for about 15 year before we met. He happened to be working there during a remodel. They are about 2.5 tall and 4 foot wide. We thought it would be a great way to get some plants started early and to warm up the soil for other things.

minnie greehnouse part 2.JPG

We just hinged the tops add a solid North side with a small removable vent at the top. Thought I had a picture of them removed, bummer I don't. The heavy plastic covering on the front that we were also able to open and close.

These windows served us well for several years for starting plants and protecting others. We also have a few more left and some we repurposed as windows for our chicken coop.

Yes, it was very much a pain to store these windows for that long of a period of time, and two moves! Was it worth it? You bet! I still have at least 3 more of these and one frame in storage.

As a side note I have to say that I was amazed that these windows were even in existence about 35 years ago in a hospital but the did.


great idea i may steal from you later...

Please feel free! These were single pane windows. We put one tomato plant out there in late March kept one in the house. The one in the mini greenhouse grew like crazy and was bigger at the the base than your thumb. The one in the house was barely larger than a pencil at the base when frost was gone.

I hope Doc means he will steal the idea... and not the windows... ;)

nope im just gonna steal the windows. why build them when they're there for the taking?

You sure make good use of items repurposing them for things you need. Don't throw it away but use it for something else for another 40 years. What a recycler you are!

Sometimes, my husband salvage ideas did come in very handy! We have storm doors stored too may try to use them soon.

GREAT IDEA and reuse of these windows . We have a small screened in porch on the back of our house , after several re-screens of the porch , we salavged some double pane windows from our habitat for humanity store and used then on the porch . They turned it into an excellent sun room .

Wow another great idea! I've often wanted to screen in our back porch but also so much enjoyed just enjoying the open air of i t. Maybe I should look at the extra windows and storm doors that we have and maybe make into a temp greenhouse? I know that today by mid-morning our temps were like 34 and the sun was bright and out little old single pane greenhouse with no heat was up to 70 degrees. But then again, my greenhouse IS insulated on the north and south wall, along with the ceiling and has windows on south, south ceiling and west walls. No, we can't use it during the coldest months but we have adapted our seedling growth around that. More planning than our little friend that seems to screw everything up! I get plenty of food from our garden every year. I still have some of our canned stuff from last year.

I used to do something very similar. Worked awesome. Should try it again as I’ve been away from gardening for a decade.

A fantastic idea. They appear durable and look like there is lots of room for plants to grow. Thanks for sharing.

Great repurpose! Much better than a turd in Michigan uses windows!