in gardening •  8 months ago

Here are a few pictures of my demon red chilli they are quite hot but not to over powering


I grow a few different veritys but upto now it’s only the demon red chilli that are producing chilli but it won’t be long now before all my plants are covered in them 306AB502-D4BD-4B5C-A3C2-4E1459884443.jpeg


Thanks mike

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I love chillies.......looks beautiful green.


Thank you very much for your reply cheers mike

They look wonderful, Mike! I can't remember when I tried growing some before, I think they never made it - they kept falling off before they matured! Lol...


You should keep trying, but don’t over water. Cheers mike


Yes, perhaps I might... :) thank you!

We can feel the heat for sure, and in my opinion many people cannot digest that hot chillies but we prefer super hot chillies because we eat super spicy foodie stuff and we take chillies with snacks too. And i really liked the shine of these chillies.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Amazing green chillis...Chillies fitness benefits include enhancing cognitive characteristic, make contributions to red blood cell formation. Red Chili reduces blood pressure and forestalls cardiovascular disease, soothe intestinal diseases and disorders, clears nasal congestion, acts as natural ache reliever, enhance immunity and retaining healthful eyes.
I think now it is necessary for all recipes...Thanks for sharing such a great post.


Thank you very much for your very educational reply you obviously know a lot about the health benefits of chilli 🌶. Cheers mike


You are welcome Cheers Mike...I have a lot of knowledge about food environment and effect on humane life.