Chilli 🌶

in gardening •  5 months ago

This evening I decided to try something different I’ve grown chilli for a number of years but always in pots so I’ve thrown caution to the wind and decided to plant them in the garden


A few weeks ago I had a little sandstone wall built and then back filled it with my compost bin so I’m confident it’s got good drainage which is good because I know chilli doesn’t like being sat in water for to long


Although it’s hard to see from the pictures but the are three different veritys in their, we have demon reds , ghost chilli and Carolina Reaper all off which are very hot but if I’m being honest I can’t seem to grow them as hot as some of the more experienced growers


This is the first time I’ve tried this method so I’ll be looking forward to the end results.
Thanks for taking the time to look cheers mike

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It is good to experience different methods and for what I observe it looks very good. You will have good results 👍


I hope so , thanks for taking the time to look cheers mike

It's really good experience, all people like to eat spicy food thanks for sharing such good things.

Awesome and i personally prefer chilli stuff and we use that to good extent because we love to eat really spicy stuff.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed 🙂