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Think You Can't Grow Tomatoes? THINK AGAIN!

Each year summer comes and gardens are high on the agenda for many home owners. Fresh cucumbers, green beans, squash, carrots, and of course The MIGHTY TOMATO! No garden would be complete without beautiful red juicy tomatoes growing in the sun. But do you know that one of the most common emails we get is concerning the difficulty in growing these magnificent beauties.

So this video is going to be three easy fantastic tips for successfully growing tomatoes. Anyone can do it and THAT MEANS YOU!

5 Other tips:

  1. Keep your suckers trimmed
  2. Trim any leaves with browning edges or signs of disease, even if that means almost all of them.
  3. Use Neem oil and Dr. Bronners Sal Suds to combat aphids VIDEO HERE.
  4. Keep weeds pulled around the base of the plant
  5. Give your tomatoes sturdy cages to grow in

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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A nice guide for growing tomatoes. Thanks.

Great information. I an currently t esting the Florida 91 tomato . And yes I live in Florida. I am trying to see if it would be a good plant for preschoolers to grow. I want to teach them where their food comes from.

Very helpful tips!
Last year we planted 36 tomato plants and were lucky enough to only lose 1, which is way more than we could use, so needless to say we had very happy neighbors.


Yeah that is a very good success rate!

Thank you Zac the tip on the super juice is somehing I never thought about and I learn way back when about the indians using fish for their crops. Thanks


Yeah I was taught that in school too...way back when. Thanks for stopping by!

Finally found you on steemit. :) Great vid on tomatoes. I have a really small pond with frogs, lillies and goldfish. I flush on occasion and you would be surprised how well the pond water perks up the flowers. The water lillies I am sure use a lot of the nutrients. Love your vids and glad I tracked you down. :)


Me too! You are the first one I set to follow as you are the one that told me about how great this is. Thanks for sharing all you guys do!


Thanks for searching us out! Glad to have you here! THANKS!

Another great post! After watching some of your youtube videos, we were thinking about trying the Neem oil and trimming the tomato plants.


Yeah it works. If they are indeterminate, keep them trimmed. Determinant doesn't matter so much. Just keep the leaves off the ground. Neem oil works great at keeping some pests at bay.

As always thank you for trying to teach people a better way to live.


Thanks! Trying our best!

Thats a lifesaving post up 👆 there! If farming provides food and nutrition required for both animal and man's growth and development then i call farming lifesaving career!


Thank you! We love growing our own food. It's very rewarding.

Thsnks again you guy's are awesome !!

I am so glad I found you here on steemit! I decided to grow a small garden this year thanks to your American Homestead channel and the encouragement you give to people. I needed this video three months ago LOL. It will be a big help next year as this first time gardener learns by all her mistakes. Thank you for all the great videos you post.


Great! Thanks. Glad we can help!

Our first year gardening in New Hampshire we lost all of our tomato plants at once when a windy rain storm blew over the CT river from VT and brought a fungus. Our local plant supplier recommended broadcasting corn meal and we have been using it ever since.


WOW! Never heard about the corn meal trick. Will keep that in mind!


It does seem to work!

I am moving to ft Bliss in texas in a few months. I hope i am able to grow something there. I have looked at pictures of the place and I haven't even seen grass. I think i will have to grow tomatoes in pots in a green house. Thanks for the video Zach.


Build your soil up where you want to plant. Best way I have found to do that is to find someone with rabbits and get as much rabbit manure as you can. Add a few inches of that to your soil and then plant. Top the rabbit manure off with wood chips or straw to keep it from drying out so fast in the hot sun.

I started about 48 plants indoors. I only planted 15 and gave away all but 10 of the left overs. Good thing to, cause I lost 6, which I replaced with the left overs. Weird year so far....absolutely zero pests here in Illinois. No aphids, or hornworm...anyone else notice that?

Anyway, great video. Maybe I missed it, but how often do you give them the juice?


It seems the aphids a bit less this year than previous years. No hornworms spotted yet. I give them the juice once every two weeks usually.

My best tip for tomatoes is make sure you grow them at the correct time of the year. Especially out here in Australia where the temperature can fluctuate wildly!


I'm sure growing things down under is a whole different ball game. How do you keep the plants from falling out of the ground when they are upside down? LOL :)


Zac, you are lucky... you get to start your tomatoes about 4wks. earlier than i do here. you already got some nice fruit growing. we only have blossoms at the moment... here's to a bumper crop.


THANKS! Yeah really looking forward to that first batch of pico de gallo that Jaimie will make. I refuse to buy it at the store as holding off will make it taste that much better. :)


That is super great to hear you say that Zack...she is a great canner, baker and cook. :)

Thanks for the info. This is the first year I have trimmed my tomatoes. So far so good!


Report back on the final results. THANKS!

Great information for organic gardening. A lot of people say that you must aerate fertilizer/compost tea and then use it quickly. I like how you figured out what works best for you and shared it with everyone!

Keep on Growin! Sorry I couldn't help myself. ;)


Yes, by aerating it and introducing oxygen, it's helping the microbes grow and become active right before entry into the soil. However the microbes will still grow if you just let the water ferment and age. Big fan of John Kohler here too. :)

Never trimmed suckers before and have always had a good harvest every year, makes me want to try it this year....maybe the harvest will be even better if I do that this year!!! I'll give it a try, thanks Zac!


Yes, you will get bigger plants and bigger tomatoes if you limit the growth in all directions. The growth will be focused. It works!

Good video. I remember hearing about an old Italian guy that would put a fish head in the hole when he planted his tomatoes. Your video reminded me of that.