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RE: Because Permaculture needs to be a thing on Steemit

in #gardening5 years ago

tthanks for sharing this, but are you the same author as on this blog? :
Because it looks like the same article, did u wrote it yourself? (no offence tho)


Hi rimann,
Content theft is rampant in this space and we want to make sure content creators get properly rewarded/compensated for their work. If you could mention your steemit account (rimann) on your blogspot blog it would authenticate this content as yours and many more will be comfortable upvoting.

Thank you,

Ok awesome of course I can do that

Yes that is my blog. I just Posted a link on the blog to verify. Hey nice catch though! good work

nice to know that’s you and also great that this verification is so easy. I never thought my comment would be worth something but it seems like this steemit really does what it should :D
This was my first contribution so now i am really looking forward to stay and help to make this thing awesome and hopefully bypassing Facebook soon :)
I will follow you, because i also love the permaculture idea and i love to design gardens, so that it perfectly fits in nature, where the only 'work' will be harvesting .
Lets make our planet great again :D

this must've been before the cheetah got introduced on here to auto-google sources. but it must be annoying for so many people trying to bring their original content over here to the Blockchain.

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