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A new year for the garden

in gardening •  2 years ago

I came late to vegetable growing, and I'm still an amateur. I could be tidier - you can tell from the pics, probably - and I could probably squeeze more growing into my three small raised beds and other corners than I do. But still, I thought I'd bring you along with me this year...

Here we are in mid-February. Too early to plant anything, but last year's garlic has survived the winter well and promises a bumper crop.

garlic, planted last November...

As for the perennials, the early rhubarb looks well (forgive the weeds! A job for this weekend.)

rhubarb, rhubarb...

And the wild garlic is coming up in the 'woodland understorey' bed (so-called because it's in deep shade a lot of the time, so I've planted it up with varieties you'd naturally find in an Irish woodland.)

wild garlic

Now, just to look through the seed bank - with my little helper.

This is Zeke, helping!

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