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RE: Benefits of Using Fish & Fish waste as fertilizer ( A must read)

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Mostly agreed. But at one point in the article, you say that fish exposed to toxins that we can't eat make a good fertilizer. Later, you do warn about toxins. I think that is the main thing to be concerned about. You don't want to add things to the soil which can be harmful to the eater of the plants - us :)


Sure but you know that there are some plants we do not eat like flowers and trees we grow to protect environment or flowers which they can benefit... 😋 I updated on fish tanks and also stressed on same point better... Take a look

That is true. But anything we put in the soil impacts the soil life and such. But there are remediation methods for different pollutants. Like certain fungi, adding zeolite or growing plants which will uptake the pollutant and then burn those plants. Even worms can take pollutants into their bodies and keep them there - well, until they die. All interesting stuff :)

very correct and good point... keep it up
and also look up the updated post

Thanks dear keep following as i will update tomorrow