QUICKIE POST - Garden Update (sorta)

in #gardening5 years ago

Happy Monday!

I've got a ton of shit on my to-do list today (yay for feeling productive!), but I wanted to share this quick photo update....

Remember that jar of Loquat seeds I was saving to plant? (Original post if you don't know what a loquat is! https://steemit.com/exoticfruits/@madpotters/have-you-ever-eaten-a-loquat)


Well.....I forgot about it. I mean, forgot in the sense that I saw it every time I washed the dishes since it was on the windowsill above the sink, but never did anything with it. I threw a few into some pots outside but I definitely forgot to water them in the actual sense forgetting. Anyways, I finally decided this morning was the time to get rid of it. It looked disgusting with the water spots and a bit of...wet at the bottom. Probably not still water, and I'm guessing really goopy. And then to really make matters worse, I thought there were bugs starting to grow in there!


At closer inspection though.....ITS A ROOT!!! And then I put on my brave face and held up the jar to look on the bottom. I'm sure I would have tossed the thing clear across the room if anything had wiggled in there, but look!


MORE ROOTS! But also a little mold, too, I think? That fuzzy stuff....I might die if its a spider web. It can't be though, right? I guess I'm waiting for my boyfriend to get home before tackling this project now. I'll share some updates if there's anything viable in that slime jar after anyone but myself goes through it.


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ERMAGERD! It's a root!

hey, I still get excited! Literally nothing grew in NY and I killed everything I brought home LOL

Wow this looks so cool!

I love when I see new growth!

I guess keeping them in the glass on the window was a good place for them. I would plant them and see what happens 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓
2 Collage.jpg

Seems like the more I ignore my plants, the better they do hahahah. I think theres a few in there with some roots so I have more than one chance!

Plant them!

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