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" Queen of flowers" is what the rose has been called since ancient Greece.
For more than 2000 years, roses have been cultivated as ornamental shrubs.
The rose oil, which is extracted from the petals, is an important raw material for the perfume industry.
Originally, the rose came from Central Asia.
The oldest pictorial representation is probably found on Crete in the "Fresco with the Blue Bird" from around 1500 BC.


The Romans were incredibly wasteful with the rose. Therefore, it was a symbol of gluttony and vice for the Christians.
In 794, Charlemagne issued a land ordinance on the cultivation of fruit, vegetable, medicinal and ornamental plants. All imperial courts were obliged to cultivate certain medicinal plants. Among the most important was the apothecary rose (Rosa gallica 'Officinalis'): From the petals to the rose hips and rosehip seeds to the bark of the rose root - the various components of the rose were supposed to help against inflammations of the mouth, eyes and ears, strengthen the heart, aid digestion and relieve headaches, toothaches and stomachaches.


In the course of time, positive symbolism has also been attributed to the rose by Christians: the rosary has been known since the 11th century, a prayer exercise that still reminds us of the flower's special significance in the Christian faith.


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Bunga mawar warna pink sangat segar lebat bunga, buddy.

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