Recycling old shoes to make a plant pot

in gardening •  9 months ago

 I read a quote about recycling say......  Yup, recycling is like a magic.... the quote is true. Almost 5 months of recycling and crafting thing, I notice in myself. I'm starting to obsess on recycle thing and my mind starting to upload new idea in my brain. Everything I see, I imagine that thing what's look like if it's recycled. 

 Just like my high school old shoes, 3 years of wearing in the school. Now, I found it in our basement while cleaning. Almost 6 years past and I remember the adventure we fought the typhoon and the heat of the sun. :D :D :D You can see the shoes what's looks like in the pictures below. And I want to share how I create a pot using my old shoes, it is easy.... And I enjoy, I saw the result... 

 Put the soil inside the shoe. 

 Let's Plant............ 

 Shoes (Show) The Nature - Show (Shoes) Pot - (The plant I planted in the shoes are all herb.) 

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