How to Grow [Profitable] Microgreens

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Cropped: How to Grow Microgreens

>Microgreens represent more than just the latest culinary craze. They can also yield serious agricultural dividends without much of an investment in terms of money or space (see “The Bottom Line for Microgreens,” below). So what’s the catch? A shelf life that matches the crop’s short stature: one week, tops, even when refrigerated.

>Fast-Growing (2 weeks):
Hong Vit radish* pinkstems; mild radish flavor
Red cabbage purple-veined leaves; mild, sweet flavor
‘Kogane’ Chinese cabbage* bright-green leaves; mild cabbage flavor
‘Ruby Streaks’ mustard green and maroon leaves; sweet and spicy
‘Green Wave’ mustard green ruffled leaves; spicy
Daikon radish white stems; spicy
Cressida cress* three-lobed leaves; peppery
Dark Purple mizuna light-purple stems; mild mustard flavor

>Slow-growing (4 weeks):
‘Bright Lights’ chard* red, yellow, and pink stems; earthy flavor
Cilantro green leaves; mild cilantro flavor
Parsley* lobed green leaves; mild parsley flavor
‘Purple Delight’ basil purple leaves; sweet and spicy
‘Red Giant’ mustard green leaves with red veins; spicy
Lemon basil shiny green leaves; spicy lemon flavor
‘Bull’s Blood’ beet red leaves; earthy, spinach- ike flavor
Celery light-green leaves; mild celery flavor

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Article author: Jenny Flores, via Modern Farmer

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Great article! I'm just started my first herb garden on my apartment balcony. I live in the city so it's a little difficult to find space to grow anything, but there's something so magical about helping plants sprout and thrive. :)

Let's see how long it takes for this bot to work, if ever. ;)

Hmm, it worked! Took around 3 minutes.

Oh, that's amazing.Maybe I should try it at home..:D