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Hay steemit came back with me @jhonmaks. Today we will try to make our life healthy by re-consuming the ingredients of natural materials, we do not need to always continue to consume chemical abortant drug that is very dangerous for our body. Therefore we should immediately start meperaktekan healthy life by making
pharmacies live here I will discuss what plants are my reference to make pharmacies live in our home yard. Let us together start a healthy life.

Currently, live pharmacies have started to become a trend of crops that are often grown in large urban areas. The need for healthy living has become a lifestyle that is getting familiarized by people living in big cities. The increasingly time consuming demands of work, stress, pollution and other pressures, will definitely affect the health of our bodies. To prevent it, we need to take care of one's health by utilizing plants or herbs that we can consume every day in our homes.

Compared to drugs that we can buy freely, taking herbal medicines proves to be safer. In addition to safe, herbal treatment is also not cause dependence and certainly more economical. Usually we can buy herbal ingredients in the form of powder which is then brewed with hot water and can be enjoyed immediately. In addition to buying herbal medicines that have been processed packaging, we actually can also grow their own plants that are useful for the health of our bodies. Even from our ancestors had already planted their own herbs for this health in their yards.

Planting these nutritious crops also does not require extensive land or special skills. This herbal plant is often referred to as Life Apotik, because the benefits are great for our health. Plants grown as spices or natural remedies are also not plants that grow large, so it does not require land or extensive yard. We can use the back of the house, the yard in front of the house, even an area of ​​only 1 x 1 meter we can use to plant this herb. For planting media, we can use polybag or small pots that can be placed directly on the ground or hung. In addition to beneficial for health crops, this herbal plant species can also function to decorate the home yard and give the impression cool.

Herbs are commonly planted as a live pharmacy, among others, ginger, kencur, turmeric, laos, temulawak, chili and other herbs commonly used as medicine. Besides other medicinal plants outside mpon - mponan such as lemongrass, celery, cat whiskers, african leaves, fragrant roots, spinach and basil leaves are also useful to be herbal medicine and can be planted in pots. How to plant it is relatively easy and does not require special care as you plant ornamental plants, for example. In addition to useful as herbal medicines, most of these nutritious plants can also be used as a spice kitchen.

Currently being a trend of hydroponic planting pattern, where this planting pattern does not use the land but uses water as a planting medium. So it does not require watering during the planting process. However, for manganese plants such as ginger, turmeric, kencur and others, this certainly can not be applied. But you can also make your own home-based pharmacies by utilizing plastic bottles used as a planting medium. In addition to cheap, planting this herb does not require a large room, even if your house does not have a page at all, you can still plant it. So what living pharmacies can we plant at home without having to require a large special place? And what are the benefits to our body? Let's see one by one.

Types of Live Pharmacies

  • Ginger.


Since the days of our ancestors, ginger has been known as a foodstuff and herbal medicines as well. Ginger in addition to warm the body, also useful for lavishing food, especially sea food and red meat. In addition, Ginger is also known to relieve colds and cough and overcome the problem of body odor that interfere. Because of its many benefits, ginger becomes a living pharmacy plant that must be planted at home by utilizing a narrow land. How to plant it is very easy, because ginger does not depend on the place and the weather. Planting media can also be done on polybags, soil either in pots or bottles used and can be harvested in approximately 1 year. You can get the ginger seeds easily to obtain, you can also grow the ginger rhizome that you can buy at the handy vegetable tuk tuk with a relatively cheap price. Although there are several types of ginger, but all have the same properties, and how to plant it the same.

  • Kencur.


Just like ginger, kencur is also a kind of medicinal plants that must exist in your collection of life pharmacies. In addition to cooking spices, kencur has the property to treat cough, anti-inflammatory stomach and menstruation for the Eve. How to plant the same with ginger. Simply cut the rhizome and plant on polybag or soil or pot that can be harvested after 1 year.

  • The ginger.


The plant is a family of ginger and kencur is also a living pharmacy plant that must exist in your collection. In addition to its tremendous benefits, this plant has begun to rare its existence. But how to plant medicinal plants this one is relatively easy and not long harvest time.Khasiat temu lawak that has this curcumae content is healthy heart and heart, increase appetite, digestion, overcome kidney disorders, treat arthritis, ulcers, to cure cancer. Slightly different from ginger and kencur rimpangnya can be directly planted, temu lawak after rimpangnya cut into pieces should be dried in advance for at least five consecutive days, can only be planted. How to cultivate temu lawak as a drug also various ways. Started cut into pieces and brewed with hot water directly, until grated and taken essence then mixed with freshly consumed honey.

  • Betel.


For the people of Indonesia, betel is known as a traditional medicine that is efficacious and one of the plants must be planted in a live pharmacy. Betel leaf is used to stop the nosebleed, also useful as a natural antiseptic. In addition, itchy and itchy pain can be treated with this betel leaf. Planting is relatively easy. Simply use the technique of cuttings, we can plant betel plants. Due to its propagating nature, it is preferable that pots of betel plants are hung so that the leaves dangle downwards.

  • Aloe vera.


Plants known as Aloe vera is not only useful for hair health, but also to treat acne, cholesterol-lowering, blood circulation, help healing post-surgery, to treat tuberculosis. Because of the many benefits of aloe vera, so many people plant it as one of the plant pharmacies live at home. How to plant it by planting its seedlings in polybag or pot or using hydroponic cropping pattern. This plant does not need to be given a lot of water, and does not need special care. Avoid planting this aloe vera in place with hot sunlight, just plant in a cool place or close to the water source.

  • Lemongrass.


Lemongrass or lemongrass is also a mandatory plant in live pharmacies. Besides useful for health, lemongrass is also used as one of cosmetic ingredients and cleansers and cooking spices. To grow lemongrass for crops grown at home is also not too difficult. We can breed lemongrass from tubers grown in pots. Once the lemongrass has a strong root, just move into the ground in the yard or into another larger pot.

  • Carambola wuluh.


Carambola wuluh has a sour taste and is usually used for cooking spices or for rujak fruit. Many people plant starfruit as one of the live pharmacies because of its high vitamin C content and can cure diseases of cough, toothache and diabetes. In addition, star fruit can also overcome acne, skin diseases such as panu and canker sores. To plant this plant as a live pharmacy can be done by way of stem cuttings and can be directly planted in pots so it does not require a large yard. To get a good quality fruit, choose the wuluh belimbing tree that proved fruitful and large before doing the way of cuttings.

  • Leaf god.


The god's leaf is also one of the live pharmacies that are usually grown on narrow land. Efficacy of this god leaves very much, among others, can relieve pain, anti-inflammatory, blood flow, lowering high blood pressure, fever, cure diabetes and help clean toxins in the body. Because of the many benefits many manufacturers of herbal medicines that process this god leaves in the form of powder or capsule. To plant the god leaves as a live pharmacy, we can use the way of stem cuttings or root buds. Cuttings can be sown in planting media in pots or polybags by immersing a third part into the planting medium. For root shoots, we can reproduce by taking shoots with or without roots, by way of planting such as stem cuttings. The leaves of this god are only about 30 cm tall so not too spend the place to be planted as medicinal plants in a narrow land.

  • Celery leaves.


Celery leaves is one of the medicinal plants in live pharmacies and also useful as a spice dish. Celery content of celery leaves is 16 calories per 100 grams and contains various vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, B1, potassium, minerals and iron. The benefits of celery leaves for health include lowering high blood pressure, preventing the formation of gallbladder, increasing appetite, calming nerves and stress relief. For beauty, celery is useful to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Celery can be consumed directly or used as a face mask worn the night before bed. How to grow celery for live pharmacies can be done by planting saplings directly on the pot or polybag celery. Watering is done every morning and afternoon until celery is one week old. After one week this celery plant is watered 2-3 times a week. Because these celery plants include nutritious plants that are small in size, it will be suitable to plant despite having a narrow land.

  • Sambiloto.


The next live pharmacy plant is Sambiloto. Plants with a height of 50 - 90cm this can ditaman by exploiting narrow land at home. Sambiloto leaf has a property to treat hepatitis, inflammation of the airways, inflammation of the kidneys, ear inflammation, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many others. How to cultivate leaf sambiloto for treatment is to hit a single hand or 30gr fresh leaves by adding boiled water as much as half a cup or 110ml, strain and then drunk directly. How to plant this bitter leaves can be directly planted in the yard or in pots, by way of stem cuttings or with seeds in the seedlings.

  • Pandan fragrance.


Pandan fragrance is also a living pharmacy plant that we can plant on a narrow land. Pandan leaves are fragrant smell, widely used as raw material perfume or perfume on the cuisine. Apparently there are other benefits of pandan scented plants include fertilizing and blackening hair, treat dandruff, increase appetite, overcome rheumatism and stiff, and overcome neurological disorders and relieve stress. How to grow a fragrant pandanus as a live pharmacy plant is also very easy. This plant will flourish near the source of running water, or we can plant with hydroponics system.

  • Cat whiskers


Cat whiskers can grow at an altitude of 500 - 900 meters above sea level and grow up to a height of 1 - 2 meters. The shape of a rectangular cat stem crop for grooved and short haired with an oval or rhombus leaves with serrations next to it has the property to be a medicine and suitable to enter into your list of life pharmacies. All parts of the cat whiskers plant can be used as herbal medicine. Simply aerated and dried in the hot sun, this plant is efficacious to treat kidney infections, urine peluruh, gout and pain urine stones. How to plant it is quite easy, simply by the method of cuttings and with the media planting soil in pots or polybags, this one plant has entered into your collection of life pharmacies.

  • Fragrant root.


Plants with the Latin name vetiveria zizanioides are included in a chunks of clumps with a height that can reach 1 meter. The rootstock is soft, white and wide. The single leaves are ribbon-shaped and pointed. Plant life of a pharmacy is efficacious to overcome bad breath and rheumatism, by taking part of the roots and oil.

  • Spinach.


Spinach can be consumed in addition to vegetables, it also has a property to treat various diseases. Spinach contains vitamins A, B and C, as well as iron, amaratin, purine and protein and potassium. The leaves and roots of spinach can be used for treatment. Spinach leaves efficacious to cleanse blood after childbirth, kidney failure, low blood pressure, anemia, and also strengthen the roots of the hair even the roots of spinach can treat dysentery. How to grow spinach is very easy, you can directly plant spinach trees that you can get in a vegetable carpenter (select the existing roots) and directly planted in pots or polybags. You can also use the hydropinic method to plant spinach, then this one plant directly into a family member drugstore your life.

  • Bone flower.


The bone flower known as euphorbia tirucalli originally comes from Africa and can grow in places exposed to direct sunlight. This plant in addition to functioning as an ornamental plant can also be used as medicinal plants. Therefore, this plant is suitable to enter into your collection of life pharmacies. This plant is efficacious to treat stomach pain, rheumatism, nerve pain, to hemorrhoids. Branches and twigs that have been dry can be used to repel mosquitoes by burning them. How to plant it too easy, namely by cuttings.

With the above description, you can choose any nutritious plant that you will plant to become an herbal plant in your home. In addition to easy to get the seeds of plants, how to plant the easy and does not require extensive planting media, making pharmacies live in the category of collection of plants that must exist in your home.

So if you want to always be healthy, start applying a healthy lifestyle in your life and also you can change the habit of taking chemical medicine into a natural medicine.Not always expensive to implement a healthy life, everything can start from your own yard. Greetings from me @jhonmaks.


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I have sent my posting link to sotall, hopefully what I write is useful for all of us in order to implement a healthy and natural way of life.

I love to make ginger tea indian style have you tried it jhon ? thank you

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I also like to drink ginger tea, where I live we used to call it as BANDREK

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