No pain, no gain: BIO Lettuce in my garden (Spring 2019 - South Moravia - Czech Republic)

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The lettuce is a vegetable that you can grow almost continuously, of course, of course out of season of the severe frost. Yes, no pain, no gain all year round :-)

This spring I have grown about one hundred lettuces in my greenhouse .
Home-grown lettuce is far superior—in both taste and vitamin A content. I think the neighbors and the rest of the family also enjoyed it. I had enough lettuce for everyone

Lettuce is an ideal diet snack or lunch for those who are healthy or eager to lose weight. It contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins. Most valued for its high potassium content - 200 grams of salad cover 40 percent of the recommended daily allowance for an adult. From vitamins, salad contains the most vitamins A, B, C and K vitamin.

What lettuces like and dislike:

*Lettuces need good soil. It should be light, free draining and rich in organic matter. It needs to hold lots of water and lots of nitrogen and other nutrients.
*Lettuces taste best when they are grown as fast as possible and for that they need water and food.
*Lettuces need lots of everything, and they want a steady supply of it. Any set back they suffer will at least make them tough and bitter, at worst it will cause them to bolt to seed straight away without making any leaves for you! So make sure they never get stressed (e.g. by forgetting to water them).
*Lettuce has shallow roots, so it dries out easily!


Never had much luck with lettuce. I have grown malabar spinach, so that is about as close as I get! I did plant some more this year...although it has not come up yet!

Good luck with growing. We're already harvested... :-)