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RE: Getting to Know Herbs: Cramp Bark

in #gardening2 years ago

thank you so much for these posts... i had a bug bite in my new tattoo yesterday and found some plantain across the street that did not seem to be dowsed in glycosyphate that I made a spit-poultice out of and used - gone bug bite... I live in Denver and have some property out on the eastern plains - its dry so we don't have all the good stuff like stinging nettles and mugwort and all, but I do intend to plant them once we move out there... we do have yellowdock growing wild and some others. i might actually, inspired by you, do a series of posts on the eastern plains wild herbs... that would help me learn as well. thanks for what you are doing...


Cool, the plantain I posted about recently ;)

the one thing i have to be careful of though is making a spit poultice out of plantain in a lawn that has been doused in glycosyphate... trying to find a patch of plantain that looks like it is simply plantain is challenging in the city.