It Is Finally Spring (???)

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I wish I knew if the frost theat will be done by May 01 in our part of the planet then we could get the garden growing outside the tiny mock greenhouse we have it is a condensed jungle already. The good new is we will have a yard sale in about 3 weeks and we will have to sell some surplus tomato plants and what ever else won't fit in 6 × 9 meter garden.The only reason this happen every year is my 91 year old father starts the greenhouse in early March we are blessed with his green thumb and at 91 he is hard enough for at 60+ to keep up with him on a huge city lot. Sure glad we don't have acreage I wouldn't get any sleep. It cool though, I love my family. I hope you gardeners out there have the best of luck this season. If your in my hood check out the yard sales. Best tomatoes in the valley.

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Wow Thanks for all your support and keep on growing on Steem and in the Ground

I see you've been persevering here on Steem since the beginning of the year. Good to see. It can be a slow learning process, but ask questions without shame and you'll get there.

I was pleased to come across this post under the gardening tag. I guess gardening keeps us young, if you're father is anything to go by. :D

I've given you a shout out in the Homesteaders - Living Naturally newsletter. Hopefully some of the community will pay you a visit, but also feel free to say hi to some of them first.

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Well good morning to you, and all Steemians. Your advise is appreciated and I confess, I should still develop more patience in my life. Although I will arrogantly claim some progress as I get on in years. I have booked some computer classes and seminars next week so I might learn how to solve thing with less frustration. Thanks again and I will follow along gardening and life with you and many more new friends.


It gets harder for us to learn new tricks as we get older! Steem has certainly be a slow learning curve for me. I think it important that we still share our wisdom here if we can, though.

For gardening, homesteading and prepper types @pennsif keeps a list updated. It helps us to connect with others with similar interests and I believe there are quite a few in your country. If you drop a comment on the post he'll add you to the list.

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You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.
Everything worthwhile takes time! @minismallholding directed us your way, so we popped in to say hi!

It is lovely to hear your Dad still gardens at that age, these are the types of things that keep us getting up in the morning and living a long and healthy life.

Looking forward to seeing some images of your plantings.

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