Loading the New Raised Vegetable Bed

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If you didn't see my post about making the raised bed, here's the link: https://steemit.com/gardening/@gsm1974/1-hour-diy-raised-cedar-garden-bed

So the next step is soil. Rather than just buy some soil I decided to make my own mix. If my math is correct I need a little more than a cubic yard total:

  • about 2/3 of the local soil which has quite a bit of clay and generally isn't great.
  • (1) bag of peat moss (about 3 cu ft)
  • (8) 50lb bags of composted cow manure
  • (2) bags of sand

I'm fortunate to have a loader for my small lawn and garden tractor (John Deere 425) so I just dumped everything in a pile and mixed it together by scooping and turning it over about a dozen times.

If the weather cooperates I'll be planting some seedlings I've already started and also installing fencing and my water scarecrow. I'll also get an update about my blueberries and raspberries.


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We built raised beds a the Campbellton Community Garden, following pretty much the same process you have provided. raised beds are a great idea. Ours were four feet high no need to bend over and we build small seats on the edge for sitting.


Elevating the beds is a nice idea. A bit more work but certainly pleasant not to have to bend over as much!