Garden Update, 6/2/18

in gardening •  11 months ago

We're getting lots of sun and plants in the garden are really popping - including most that got a shock moving from indoors where I started them out into the wild :)

Peas are taking off and climbing up the side fencing. I always encourage them to do this as they seem happy and don't require any other support or staking.


Cucumbers are also looking good!


Tomatoes are looking healthy and getting some nice growth.


Overall I'm pretty pleased. Squash is a little slow getting started but doing OK. One pepper has taken off the other 3 are sluggish but I've got plenty of time. Italian green beans are looking strong.


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Nice plantings. Waiting that my chili peppers this year will grow...


Thanks. Those I have in are Jalapeno's. I found a recipe for jalapeno relish that I plan to try.


Ah cool ! Than I’m looking forward to see your finished recipe. Homemade cooking with own plants from garden, is anyway the best :-)