Productive Bed - Turn a cowshit and old window into food

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Hi fellows!

It is just an awesome fun to reuse, recycle, upcycle. Why? You simply do not have to use your fiat assets on food, but this is not all! If you are able to capture a piece of land and seek things people no more want, you can build your first raised bed very soon.

It was a kind of ugly and unused, probably hotbed structure on a particular garden. So we decided to give it some life again. First off, we removed the rubbish and weeds.

We have found some extra organic matter in the corners of garden, cleaned up a bit and left it here as the basic layer.

Found some branches as a vital part of german pile. They will compost here for years, making a sponge soon to provide humidity. Once they are composted, they turn into soil.

Added some extra organic material with good granularity. Make sure it is well mixed into the branches eliminating air gaps.

Once done, a cow called Dorothy gave us her byside product.
Perfect to rocket launch the composting process, which also produce heat. 

High quality soil from composted cowshit has been added.

Strawbale works like a mulch, covering the soil, so weeds grow slower.
Mulch also protects soil against hot sun - better humidity, no need of frequent manual watering.

Old structure, productive again. Such a bed can serve you for seasons. As the organic matter is being composted, the bed level drops - and you can slowly add more layers to raise it again. After years, you will have a bed full of high quality soil you can use.

Happy gardening!

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I love this kind of content! It would be wonderful if you could provide us with a verification photo or a link to Steemit on your Patreon page!

Thanks! The link to our Steem account is now on the bottom of Patreon page.

Wonderful thanks!

YES!! We are masters of turning shit to gold, and alchemizing "waste" into priceless FOOD. Thanks for sharing your knowledge @greenwayoflife! May you inspire many.

Thanks @gardenofeden! Yes it is funny how "waste" (thanks for this), and yes it can be a manure, can be turned into something delicious. Just today when I was in the garden, a new neighbor appeared and wanted to burn the organic stuff she got from her weeding. I took few red and sweet tomatoes just turned into ready-to-eat state and asked for that "waste" to be burned. She said yes and she received tomatoes (as her garden is just a weed as it was ours few months ago).

So now we have an agreement, she will never burn the stuff and we will give it back to the soil.

Our garden is 400sqm, 2 neighbors are now already in the loop and we are receiving extra organic materials from their lots as well. Composting can start!

It was a nice feeling, watching her going home with smile about her first yield - organic "waste" turned into delicious veggies. I am going to read a couple of your posts next day in the bus :)

Awesome!!! Composting alchemy for the win~
That's a respectable garden you're tending! Enough for yourselves & 2 neighbors is SO COOL! Looking forward to hearing about the progress of your projects.

We're a 3.5 acre sustainable community in Arlington, Texas. We have a half-football-field-sized garden, numerous raised beds, and we have numerous wildcrafted plants and trees ringing the property. We grow & receive enough in trade & donation to feed 40K free meals a year.

Compost is totally elemental to the whole process; like I say, we really value our shit.

I explored your website and yes, I have to admit you do a really great job, truly inspiring way on how to help a local community. With such yields, I would not mind to buy a freeze-dryer and produce long-lasting food packs which can be distributed nicely. It would be awesome to offer these packages to travelers who care about healthy snack on the route, while supporting people who actually can not afford to eat healthy food.

With such leftovers, I can imagine that you can adopt a business model similar to TOMS shoes - 1 pack for a customer, 1 pack for those in need.

Challenging, but great way how to do socially responsible business.

Funny enough motto "We value our shit" :D