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RE: Part 2 – La Gonâve, Haiti - A Vision of Regeneration for a Degraded Land and Impoverished People

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Interesting post, @anotherjoe. Thanks for sharing! Are you regenerating the island, or just this plot? How did it come to your attention?


Great questions, and thanks for asking. I hadn't thought about the idea that some might think I was just telling a story.
I'll get into how this came about as the series continues. Right now, I don't have the resources to do so. But I have developed a plan that I'll be outlining that could work. Landowners on Happy Dog have already discussed it and like the potential.
My hope is to get there in October and investigate more about what it would cost to really get things going. Ideally, I'd have a videographer with me to help record it and develop a promotional video. But, everything costs. If there's enough, I'll use all the SD from this series to get me there in October.