Hydrangea macrophylla aka Mopheads!

in gardening •  7 months ago

Hi all you flower lovers!

I have been here, there, and everywhere, and am finally getting around to posting a bit.


It's the end of June, so the mopheads, and frankly many of the hydrangea varieties, are in their glory! What makes these beauties blue and what makes them pink?

It's the soil! Acidic soil (low pH) makes bluer flowers, and higher pH turns them pink.

I have mopheads in two areas of my yard...

First two pics are from the same clump. They can't decide what type of soil they are in so these 3 very large bushes are pink and blue with some still a bit pale green...just a bit red, white and blue in time for 4th of July!



this 3rd pic is of 'endless summer' hydrangea and the soil is clearly high pH. Over the winter I would walk out and dump my coffee grounds on the soil to make it more acidic...hmm, not too successful.


Pink or Blue...which are you?

Happy gardening everyone!


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Great to see you back, I like a bit of both :)


Pink, for sure!

Cool the way that one shrub had 2 colors....


I know, every year, always a mix.

So beautiful! I love so much hydrangea, the flowers look little pink clouds! :)


and some were also sooo big! big puffy clouds!

So nice to see your after a very long time and you are back with an amazing post awesome clicks there both looks beautiful :D

Really beautiful flowers and garden @gardenlady :)
Love the multicolor


thanks still-observer!