Polytunnel Progress

in gardening •  2 months ago

Hello everyone!

It's a slow growing season in my garden at the moment, but a few of my seeds are popping up so I thought I'd share the progress with you all. Some things have already featured before (celery, cauliflower & broccoli) and there are some new additions too.





ONE MEASLY BLACK CHERRY TOMATO! One.. they are definitely the slowest tomatoes I've ever grown...


Spinach & beets coming up!




I have planted my second round of dwarf French beans in the polytunnel. The first lot didn't get on very well in the mesh sacks in the greenhouse so fingers crossed these little ones do better.



I started growing kale and more radishes too. Glad to see them popping up!

I hope you enjoyed having a look in my polytunnel. How is your garden doing?

Happy gardening!

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It may be going slow but its looking great in there 👍

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Thank you! At least everything is staying alive haha. Hope you are well :)

So many tiny veggies! They all look great But my fav has to be the tomato.
My mum grows the cherry ones in the garden and every year they sprout on their own from the fruits that we left behind. Tough little cookies they are :)


Haha glad you like my lone tomato plant - I hope it stays alive and actually shows some progress soon. I spent a fortune on the few seeds I got (by mistake!) so it better!

That's cool that your Mum has self sprouting tomatoes, some varieties grow against all odds don't they?


Fingers crossed for the one :)

Yea they do... by hundreds! Every year she gives away so many seedlings to friends and family :)

Wow cool :) what great set up and progress! Must be very rewarding indeed:) hope you’re having a great time 😀🌅


Thank you @sunsethunter! It is a rewarding display I must say. Gardening is always a good time! Hope you are having a good week :)

Wow these photos look great. Everything looks very happy and healthy.
It looks like spring in definitely on the way now.
Great work 🌈🦋🌴💛🍀❤️


Thanks so much @sallybeth23. Fingers crossed you are right about Spring! I want to be warm again haha :)

The little plant(ie)s are looking so cute and tasty :)
Awesome picture quality and detail imo!

Keep it on and good appetite!


Thank you very much @tibfox, glad you like the photos. Any day now I'll be munching on all the veggies :)

Hi GC!
Looking wonderfully lush - well done making such a beautiful garden!!

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Hey @icedrum - thank you! Glad you like it :)

I appreciate the support!!!

Wow you have a lot of babies going!! I am about to start seeding tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse.. your photos are getting me excited for the months ahead this spring :) All your seedlings look so happy and healthy! Nice going!

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Haha I have a few indeed! I wanted to get a head start on the growing season this year. So far so good :D glad I could get you excited for your upcoming growing season!! Good luck with those peppers and tomatoes :)


Thank you! We are usda zone 6b/7a here... its getting to be that time :) your photos are definitely getting me excited for spring!

Your plants look very healthy and happy to be growing. Now I am inspired to have my husband fill a few more seed trays for me so I can get my cold weather greens going. I three to four weeks I could have him put up my polytunnel over the cold frame. We have 8 inches of snow right now. lol