January Seedlings

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Hello everyone!

Happy New Year to all - I hope the year is treating you well so far! I am energised and excited for the months to come.

The temperatures have dropped even further here so the garden has come to somewhat of a standstill. My lovely dwarf French beans are suffering with the chilliness of it all but most things are soldiering through it. In a couple of weeks it should be Spring again!

I ambitiously started off some seed trays a few weeks ago in the greenhouse and things are starting to come alive, so I thought I would share them with you.



These little guys are my second sowing of the French beans I spoke of before. By the time they get bigger I am hoping temperatures will rise so they have a better chance at survival!



Can't ever have too much broccoli in my house... it is my favourite vegetable after all! I sowed more Calabrese as my first attempt didn't go so well, the poor little seedlings were pretty leggy. These are looking far sturdier!


This is my first attempt at growing Lyon Prizetaker leeks.. aren't these seedlings just the cutest? I have some Giant Winter ones growing in the polytunnel and they have been deliciously successful so I am hoping my Prizetakers follow suit!



Last but not least, some Rocket. I was very kindly gifted these seeds from a very experienced gardener, nothing better than homegrown seeds!

That's all from the greenhouse. I hope you enjoyed having a little look :)

Happy gardening!


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Such beautiful photos! Those are all looking very happy despite your fall in temperature- that would be great if your spring would start so soon though - fingers crossed it does💚🍀🌈🦋🌴❤️


Thanks @sallybeth23 - I am lucky these little ones are happy, as long as it doesn't get any colder most things should survive! Bring on Spring I say ;)

Your seedlings look great! Sometimes the cooler temperatures make the stems stronger, as most plants can survive some cold. It is winter here and seed sowing time is not until February. I am excited to see your babies growing, there is nothing like it. Great gardening!


Thanks for the tip @sunscape, I didn't know that! In that case these plants are getting a healthy and strengthening start to life :)

February will be with us before we know it - have you planned what you are going to be sowing? Hope you will share with us :)


I hope your beans do strengthen, they are a bit on the tender side. I still have to inventory the seeds I have. I removed three huge growing areas last fall, due to physical difficulties with walking. But I still have a few raised beds to use. I am sure I will post my progress too. I love to see how you enjoy your gardening, it always brings a smile to my face.


The beans sure do have tender stems - my previous bunch of bean plants need support to stay upright!

I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties with walking but glad you have some raised beds to plant in. They will make gardening less strenuous I'm sure.

I really love gardening and it makes me happy to know that my work brings you joy too. Can't wait to see what you plant next month :)

Beautiful little plants and beautiful pictures, too :)


Thank you very much @fotostef :)

Your little sprouts look healthy!


Thanks @kotturinn! They sure seem it so far :)

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I've tried growing broccoli many times. Never with any success.


I am yet to grow some successful florets... fingers crossed I will with this batch!

They are so fresh and lovely 😍 <3

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