Floral Tuesday

in gardening •  3 months ago


Hello everyone!

It's still very cold in the Spanish hills and my veggie garden has been pretty much ground to a halt as a result. I wanted to post something garden related as it has been a while, so I photographed some plants and flowers that I haven't shown before. I hope you enjoy!








Happy gardening!


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wow what a fabulous collection off flowers. You take the BEST photos @gardeningchef! RESTEEMED


Aw thanks so much @sallybeth23, you flatter me! I appreciate your wonderful words and support always :)

Una hermosa selección de flores a cuál mas bella, que bonito llegar a Steemit y ver esto de primero, se refresca la mirada y el alma, abrazos


Muchas gracias amiga, me alegra que te hayan gustado las fotos! Un abrazo muy grande :)

Beautiful photography @gardeningchef, you made a lovely post out of very little! I just come back today from my vacations and I was looking at my garden trying to find some inspiring stuff but with no luck!
The one before the last picture is wood sorrel, right? Nice flower and the bees love it but it is such a pain in the butt, extremely persistent weed! It is a little bit cold here, too although someone from north Europe or Canada would consider it almost hot! You don't grow any winter vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower or something like that?


I know the feeling - something will inspire you soon I bet. Yes it is pesky wood sorrel - luckily you can eat the leaves if you want and of course the flowers are good for the lovely bees!

I have both broccoli & cauliflower growing in the garden but they have featured quite heavily in my posts so I wanted to move onto something new, especially as they haven't grown much since I last spoke of them. I have a variety of vegetables growing, I can't wait for the Spring where things will grow faster!

Lovely photos! You probably already know this about the yellow flower (second last photo and I don't know its name)... but if you pick it and chew the stalk, it tastes like vinagrette?! When our builder told me and I tried it, I was very pleasantly surprised! We have a lot out at the moment! 😊xx


Haha yes I knew! The leaves taste like lemon too ;) it's wood sorrel by the way hehe. Glad you liked the photos :)

Wow GC! ... Gorgeous pics with a wonderful dreamy quality - very professional indeed!

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Thank you very much @icedrum, I appreciate your lovely words and support! :)