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Your garden is fantastic! It makes me want to grow my own food forest. I was doing pretty well for awhile there but we didn't even eat any of the things we grew so it felt like such a waste of time and effort. I did enjoy it a lot though.


Thank you @unicornquiffe!
That’s awesome, I think you should.
I know what you mean, the first couple years of starting a garden can be tough. Especially if you have bad soil, very little water, or if your brand new to it.
I see gardening as one of those things that often takes time and persistence for it to be “worth it”. But If you do stick with it, the rewards show up in much more then just food production.

man.....that's just soooo much JOY...wrapped up into ONE video!!!!!!!!! the music....the harvest....the RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just so so felt!

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Yummy! Amazing harvest! You are a great gardener!

Amazing harvest😍

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