Second Raspberries Doing Well

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In my post back in June I talked about primocanes and floricanes.

Well the Floricanes have produced and been cut down but the primocanes are doing well this fall with berries coming in every couple days.




The primocanes are the first year canes that sprouted in the early spring. They don't do as well as the first picking from the floricanes but if it's a good year I usually get a third to half of what was harvested back in the summer. There are not that many yellow jacks around in my yard this fall since I eliminated a couple of nests. This is probably helping since they love to eat sweet things like raspberries this time of year.

After these canes are done producing sometime in October I will top them off and they will be next year's floricanes. I'll fertilize and compost and that should give me a plentiful harvest next June and July. The cycle continues...

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This is a great read. Is that chicken wire that you use to keep out the birds? This was my problem this year with my raspberries. I purchased a green netting but they still managed to sneek around. They are smart. I think it's the blue Jays. Thanks for sharing

I net my blueberries but not my raspberries. I do cover my raspberries with a floating row in the summer to keep the beetles away however. I lose some to birds but my main problem is the beetles with raspberries.

Great post, looking good and you have a lot of them :)

Thanks! Yes enough to put in my yogurt every day :)

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