Lima Beans Incoming

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My favorite bean is probably fresh limas. Frozen, canned, or dried limas do not compare to the ones picked and shelled from the garden. This of course does not come without a fair amount of work. These fantastic beans must be grown, picked, shelled and cooked. To me this is a minor price to pay for a delicious nutritious meal, especially if you enjoy gardening like I do.

I grow to varieties of lima beans, bush and pole. My bush once looked like this:


And now after producing for over a month (and getting chewed on by beetles of course) they look like this:


My pole beans have matured nicely also, but started producing a few weeks later than the bush variety. Here they are in May:


And just a couple days ago:


In addition to the taste, other thing I like about lima beans is they are easier to harvest than regular string beans which need to be picked every two or three days. I harvest limas once a week. Of course the downside is the shelling.

So this week was my seventh harvest and probably my best so far.


And after about a half hour of shelling:


I like using my limas two ways. The first is a strait lima bean dish prepared with some of my Pontiac Red Potatoes mixed with caramelized onions.


I just sauté the onions and add the potatoes and limas with a little water and turn the heat down to low. After simmering for 20 or 30 minutes they are ready.

I also like them in a vegetable soup. If I have a lot of limas I don’t put many other vegetables in however. I usually include carrots, celery, onions and a little tomato for color. In this one I also added some asparagus but not many (asparagus season is long over for me so I had to buy these). I like the focus to be on my fresh limas since I enjoy them so much.



And here is the finished product served with pasta.


Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed please upvote and resteem.


Beautiful and tasty.

Wow! Awesome ...Following you for more.
Please visit my profile hope you will like my photography and if you like please don't forget to follow and upvote me..@saan 💐💐

Nice post my friend! The food look delicious thank you for sharing.

Thank you. Tastes delicious too!

I grew up eating lima beans (mom always made breakfast sausage links and added them to the cooked lima beans then baked for about 30 minutes). This is one of my favorite recipes.
But lima beans are so versatile (stews, soups, side dishes). Too bad no one else here enjoys them.

Seems like people either love them or hate them. Thanks for your comment.

Did you know that Lima beans can be eaten like green peas when it's young with no seeds grown yet. Yes, you should try sometimes.

Great job with your gardening and harvesting. And shelling. And cooking. And eating. And.. hahaha! That's all

Really? That would eliminate the shelling and go straight to the cooking and eating haha. I'm watching Hawaii Five-0 right now. Aloha!

great beans never had them i don't think but it must be so satisfying to grow them and then eat them, the whole dish looks very tasty good work \o/

Thanks! It's hard to find fresh unshelled limas if you don't grow them but if you come across them give them a try.

posting a very good friend, I really like your post @garden-to-eat

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