Rockin out in the garden

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This big ass rock has been taunting me for years. Today I finally dislodged it from its hole after revealing its presence once again. You see, it sat right on the edge of the garden and every year I find it in my preparations for tilling. Each year I have just shoved it to the back of my mind as a to-do item for later. Well today was finally that later.

It started as me trying to level the area for a couple raspberry plants I got today and as I was hoeing the ground this beast poked its ass out of the ground. It had finally been enough procrastinating (my normal m/o) and I dug in to see just how big the hulk is. After my experience last year of pulling some BIG ASS ROCKS out of my other garden spot I was able to make fairly expedient work of this one.

The boys tried to help but in the end they aren't strong enough, heavy enough, or knowledgeable enough to be of much assistance so they played with the ants that I had dug up in the process. Today is a good day with no rain so the soil is drying out and soon I will be tilling. I have to be planted by 4/20 as a general rule to get production going strong by July 4th so here's hoping the weather cooperates the next week and a half.

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I ran into a rock like that in my garden a few years back, they're not fun to move...