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Today was my birthday and I decided to end it off by starting my planting... I planted 72 normal bells... 72 tri color super sweet mini peppers and 72 California wonder golden bells.... over the next few weeks I'll be planting upwards of 3000 pepper and tomato plants and some herbs. It's a bit early but with starting early 5heybwill be huge to go out at the end of may...start of June. By start of March I'll have my green house up and going and then the real planting will begin. Just gotta get the wood stove set up so my shit dont freeze as where I'm from it can still hit minus 30 celcius at the start of March. Canadian prairie weather sucks. Have a good night guys

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May your plants grow strong and healthy! With the best nutrition and love!
Just like in life - to achieve anything we must set our goals and be consistent, nurture them and let the grow.

Have a great day! I'm BOI, by the way!

Wishing you a happy birthday! 🎂

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