Some Unique Yet Very Beautiful Trees..

in gardening •  21 days ago


When I came across this tree at that really beautiful garden I was at a while ago, I thought to myself it must have been the most interesting tree I had come across. Turns out, they shape them according to their liking by twisting its branches around a metal/wire.


I saw very many versions of it, including some shaped into love hearts, bowls shape, and other interesting designs.


I also loved the tree above. So neat, so beautiful and something to marvel at. Almost could make for a Christmas tree, so much better even.

I don't know about you guys, but this are the kind of plants I'd wanna have in my compound one day. They just bring a warm positive vibe to a home and also not to forget how fresh the air is when surround by greenery.

Thanks for Stopping By, I guess I'll see you on the Next Post!!

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Great post.... God is so wonderful, look at how these trees have been modified in different ways.

Very beautiful and unique. Thanks for sharing.

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