Why you should Grow your own organic food! +My Today harvest Pics

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3 reasons to Grow your own food, and my own experience

In my previous post, I presented the garden I started almost three months ago. I'd like to share my experience with you and explain why I think you should grow your own food.

Growing your own food is one of the most purposeful and important things a human can do, almost like giving birth. Watching a seed blossom under your care to become food for your and your family’s plates, is so gratifying. Caring for your plants and waiting as they blossom and "fruit" before your eyes, ready-to-eat, is an incredible sense of accomplishment, and everyone should live the experience.

You’ve probably heard the saying “you are what you eat”, and that certainly rings true. If you eat junk food then you’ll feel like junk, but if you eat fresh and healthy food, you’ll look and feel healthy which will probably make you happier. There are still many non-believers and if you’re one of them, I would recommand you to try having a strict diet of healthy foods for a month or so, and you’ll begin to see a huge difference in your emotions and the way you feel!

Today harvest

Like almost every day since last month, Today I opened my door, walked 5m to the backyard garden to harvest lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. It was just amazing, and all this in less than three months.



3 Reasons why you should grow your own organic food

1. Superior Flavor! Enjoy better-tasting food

Fresh food is the best food! Do you know how long has the food on your supermarket been there? How long did it travel from the farm to your table? Comparing the flavor of a homegrown tomato with the taste of a store-bought one is like comparing cryptocurrencies to Fiat money :D. There is clearly nothing like biting in a fresh tomato directly plucked from the vine.
If it does taste better, you’ll be more likely to eat the healthy, fresh produce that you know your body needs.

2. Food Safety for Improve health

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy.

When they’re growing in your backyard, it will be more easy for you to start eating them, picking up the habit of eating more healthily, and their vitamin content will be at their highest levels as you bite into them straight from your garden.

The fruits and vegetables in stores are increasingly being filled with a lot of chemicals and what you think is organic might not be... When you grow your own food, you’re in complete control of its environment so you can be 100% certain that what you’re consuming is safe, ensuring you know where your food came from.


3. Independance (Food Self-Sufficiency) and fun time

If you’re looking for something to do that will give you fun making much sense for your life, then learning and growing your own produce fits the bill perfectly. Many people start off growing their own food because they want to cut down on their grocery/food bills and eating more healthy, but then it becomes an obsession and addiction for an enjoyable activity.

It feels great knowing that you can rely on your own resources to feed you and your family. It makes everything much easier using the same skills and techniques that our ancestors used in the past to survive. It's in fact even easier for us. Knowledge has taken, nowadays, a major place as a source of wealth for the present and the future, flowing all over the internet and accessible to everyone. It's in fact so easy to grow your own food with internet!

Food independence means less trips to the grocery store and more control over what you eat. It’s a very gratifying accomplishment and not only will your knowledge likely come in handy in other situations, but it can also be passed onto your family, friends and others.

I hope I have convinced you ;) There are many more reasons. save your money, have more choice/variety, protect the environnement and promote biodiversity, boycott, etc.

Few more pics

Yellow Zucchini! Awesome

Yesterday Harvest

Very tasty Strawberries

Hard fork your life and make a clear consensus between your mind and body, eat healthy food grown by your own, decentralize for a better life ;)

photo credits: @ekitcho


Mec c est un beau projet dont tu m as souvent parlé. Je suis content que tu ai pu le réaliser.
Envoie nous d autre information à l occasion sur le rendement les méthodes et surtout t es conseils pour faire La meme chose des que l'on peut.

=solid workflow = results ;)

Manage the process, not the outcome; the outcome will take care of itself.

Great garden you have there @ekitcho those strawberries look sweet!
Nice pictures, you seem to have a good eye for detail, garden looks neat, nice and tidy.

About growing our own food, I think it´s one of the best ways to reveal against the system. Independent self sustained individuals are a threat for the authorities I think. The less you need them, the more free you are. So... lets all get hands at work, sprout those seeds and eat tasty and poison-free

Great read @ekitcho !! Following!

Let's not forget 4. The Environment: Eating food that was grown just next to the place where you consume it reduces your carbon footprint big time. Further, growing organic garden provides habitat for more insects, birds and even small rodents than you can imagine. And last but not least it gives you the opportunity to make and use your own compost which is very beneficial for health of the soil and natural circling of nitrogen, carbon and other elements.
Growing your food gives you an intimate connection with the Earth that reflects on every aspect of your existence on this planet. You cannot overestimate its importance.

stop working guy and be farmer...

i don't work, i enjoy everything i do everyday and i don't do it for money.
i'm a lucky guy

the Key is to go back to roots, in terms of trying to produce our own food, or just consume from local organic stores. This is a great post, and I hope this is a growing worldwide trend.

thanks for your support glad you appreciate

All good reasons to have a garden at home!
Veggies make people smile with health

Amazing, really. I am vegan and I eat mostly fruit and vegetables and I am trying to grow my own food. Unfortunately for me is really really hard because I live in London and it seems that the sun is really really shy cause it doesn't show up often :D :D The weather in this city doesn't help me and it is really frustrating :(

ive never seen such healthy strawberries before in my life! what photoshop sorcery is this?

i just shown the healthiest ones, there re few ones eaten by the wild.... but it's nice the share considering what it gives me back ;)

Great you grow many healthy things. I support your effort . All should grow organic food for them to remain free from fertilizers. How much we can try we can secure our bodies from bad effects of pesticides and other related things.

Nice Post. I also wanted to do Organic Farming ... , You fruits and vegetables looks healthy and sound .. :)

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