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RE: Garden Update – green onions and other thoughts

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That is an amazing shot of the bee! I really do like your Galaxy S9+ but I have made a promise to let my Galaxy 7 die before I upgrade. Unless it won't die. Then I will have to see.

I think progress is healthy, but, only to a certain extent is it really progress. Then, it becomes a problem. I have National Land almost surrounding me, so it will never (never say never!) be built on. That is a relief. However, the building of new houses just won't stop! Bigger houses with no land. It is starting to look like a city in some places.

I respect the judgment involved when they are clearing the woods, but, when they are taking away habitats? Hmmmm. I had a little bunny on my front porch this morning and I know that a lot of people dislike them because they eat flowers, but, I can assure you that they were probably here before we were. We took over their habitat.

Oh, I could go on and on. I like a garden and we have the most delicious raspberries coming up right now. And tomatoes and carrots and - speaking of which, you lettuce has probably had too much water. But it grows so quickly, you will have a chance to plant more. I do the same thing with the onions and celery. Just stick it in the ground! It grows! I cut it down and stick it right in!

Well, I am off to bed as morning comes early. I bid you a good night and a wonderful Thursday!


Oh, I think you could be right about too much water on the lettuce. It was planted at the end of the rainy season, (well its still raining, albeit not as much) and the soil was very mushy and wet. You couldn't quite support a flame from the methane bubbling up out of the watering tube but you know how it goes... lol.

Because it takes so little effort and few days, you will have some great lettuce soon!

Thank you, and a wonderful Thursday to you as well! Progress really is a tough one. In some ways it would be much better if we all lived in large cities with vertical farming integrated into the city and left large areas of the planet unfenced, undeveloped and reforested.

On the flip side it seems like there are people who feel like we should all be living in smaller hamlets that basically provide everything through sustainable farming.

It is tough to see how solutions will happen, and it does feel like we use a lot of effort doing things of marginal utility while ignoring larger problems. The loss of bunny habitat seems trivial to some people, yet the same forces seem instrumental in the loss of habitat for our favorite species, 'humans' imho.

Absolutely!! And my bunny would agree with you! ;)

I love when you post and give me alternative methods to think about. Thank you!

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