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in gardening •  6 months ago 

Here is the second part of my greenhouse Blog.

The burried containers are where the nutrients for the hydroponic

This allows the nutrients to remain at a more constant temperature during the summer months

3 different levels in the greenhouse

Time to cover it up with 6 mil construction plastic

Decided to make outside planters all along the greenhouse to plant stawberries

Starting to move some of the seedlings from the house to the greenhouse

More of the strawberry planters

Also added a perennial herb garden outside (there is one inside as well, that you will see in the next entry)

Plastic done, about to make the finishing of the exterior

In the next blog, I will post the making of the interior as well as the crops :)

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Aren't you supposed to use rotten wood and caulk widows to the ruuf?


Only if you plan to make a covered litter box and grow cat poop :D

Excellent build with outstanding quality shows in your greenhouse.


Thank you sir :)

Just bumped you up from 38 to 39. Hey how did you get my step ladder? Can I borrow it back?


Hahaha - nicely spotted!! :D

Really nice! I'm pretty sure I'm a little jelly over this build.

Looks nice Dive.

I like how you decided to paint all the lumber before you enclosed it.

Looks very well thought out.


Thank you :) Yeah I painted before covering... did not want to have to do edging for 2 months lol

Nicely done and well built . How long before you have to replace the construction plastic due to solar degradation ?


I know for a fact it will be fine for at least 5 years (I have a wood shelter made of the same plastic... which will give me a heads up at least 1 year in advance)

Replacing the plastic should take me a day, 2 at most :)

I’m not sure you’re doing it right. It looks nothing like the one “ole whistle prick” Reid built. 😜


I do not watch his "how-to" videos... So I had to improvise :D

Looks professional! Very nice you sharing these even though it's already built. Resteemed for ya! ;-)

That is such an excellent design and build! Absolutely everyone should produce a good part (if not all) of their own food, medicinal herbs and and flowers requirements. Your family friends and environment will all be infinitely richer for it!

Heartily upvoted and resteemed :D