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in gardening •  3 months ago

Here is the last blog on my greenhouse construction

While I was building the greenhouse, I had this lil fellow coming every day checking on the progress

The greenhouse is hydroponics, but I also wanted to try the Kratky method (non-circulating hydroponics)


It was also time to make my main line

And of course a row for my potted peppers

Annual herb garden

The return line

Kratky seems to work pretty good for me :)


The tomatoes on line 1 started to explode with growth, my favorite breed: Mortgage Lifter... But I had a good 15 different breeds on the first year

Line 2 & Back line were catching up soon after

Strawberries on the outside with marigolds mixed in

Things were starting to look really good


Lettuce staggered every 2 weeks from the Kratky beds (40 plants total)

Peppers love the greenhouse... as you can see from this Ghost Pepper plant :)

In the end.... I think my greenhouse works just fine :)


Mortgage Lifter




Well that is it... I hope you enjoyed :)

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Wow with all the peppers and vegetables harvest Would almost make me want to have a garden. Alas I am far too lazy to even consider doing that amount of work. Great job on your greenhouse build and enjoy your harvests and fruits of your labors.


Hi hunnybadger,
There are some pretty easy to grow crops ... it is not as hard as it may look, and the benefits are amazing! You may enjoy this - I hope it inspires you to embark on a voyage of discovery with fantastic rewards!

25 Foods You Can Re-Grow Yourself from Kitchen Scraps

Keep well :D


Thank you :) I certainly enjoy the fruits of my labour... literally

That is just fantastic! Everything looks like it's very happy!

Awesome setup . The Red Sails lettuce looks really happy . Are you familiar with MHP GARDENER on You Tube ?

Nice work.

Very enjoyable.

Solar powered!!! Looks good man.

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing. Sharing to my followers!

That is some amazing progress.

but how to do the cats get in to shit everywhere?

Awesome job Dive.

Hi D,
Your Kratky setup looks excellent - and the produce superb!
I have dabbled with various forms of hydroponics and a little bit with Kratky method ... living off grid with solar power does demand one consumes the least power so Kratky is ideal for that. But I do find plants love as much oxygen as possible and grow ultra vigorously with extra oxygen provided by small electric fish tank pumps and air stones. Do you use any air pumps at all?

Your setup looks phenomenal - Congratulations!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Wow keep planting vegies