Natural beauties for my garden!

in #gardening5 years ago

Today I woke up wanting to enjoy nature, unfortunately I can not go out to the countryside or to the outskirts of the city for reasons of time. But I decided to go to the nursery of my city just to see what I can get for the garden. My wife who is fond of cactus decided to accompany me to observe the merchandise available in the nursery and buy something for her collection. When we arrived I decided to walk and see what plants called my attention, what do you think? I found some miniatures that fascinated me.

**They are beautiful, right?**

These plants are like a miniature version of the so-called Callas, which are flowers that are about 30 centimeters high next to the plant. A single flower can reach 15 centimeters. But these with the plant and the maximum flower measures 15 centimeters high and the flower will reach a maximum measurement of 5 centimeters. The colors are a spectacle. These that I put in the images are the ones that I liked the most. And they will be the ones that I will acquire for my garden.

Although I already have a wife and son, I think that seeing this flowering plant made me fall in love with hehehehe but in most cases I buy this type of plants and flowers to decorate the garden, but I end up giving it to my wife and it happens to be her your caregiver I hope you have loved these pictures, for me they are beautiful. This was all for my friends, I wish you a Happy and Blessed day!


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I really like having a garden with beautiful flowers in my backyard, but I'm still not one of those people who enjoys gardening. I would probably prefer to create a sitting area in the backyard.

I share your opinion. Now my priority is various repair work, as well as the purchase of everything necessary for the recreation area, such as sheds for the garden, furniture, and so on. I can find a lot of things at Cazaar, which is cool because this online store has a wide selection and prices that suit me. If I need a beautiful lawn, flowers, etc., I’d rather leave this matter to the gardener.

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