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Last weekend we couldn't visit our garden and do some work there, as it was time for the annual meeting of our local gardening and permaculture forum.

The meetup is an yearly thing in late winter, happening for 5th year in a row. We're a small, but tight knit group and even with only 12 people attending, it was a massive whirlwind of plant material!

It took us almost 5 hours to go over everything everyone brought!

Just look at what my car trunk looks like when I'm going to one of those meetings!


Just the jars hold almost 30 different seeds and the white box behind that has over 60 varieties of tomatoes + seeds for almost 50 more different plants.

And there are a ton of vine cuttings for rooting, 8 different varieties, as well as a few dozen cuttings from fruit trees, as scion wood.

I immensely enjoyed our time together and even made arrangements to go visit a massive plot one of our group aquired soon, so I can give some preliminary permaculture design directions. Well it's massive in our context, for the USA it's really nothing, a 3 acre plot, 12000 sqm, when the regular plot size in villages is 1000 sqn, 12 times less.

Looking forward to that visit, but it would mean another week without seeing the garden...

Oh well at least the peas and chickpeas are already planted!


I love garden meet ups.. gardening folk are good sorts and I always come away super happy..

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