A post of mysterious photos

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Well that's just a bit of a click bait title... 😂 I mean, the photos are mysterious, but that's because they feature a vague subject that's hard to photograph with a phone.

First up, a certain sign spring is around the corner (but really, who knows if we're going go get another weird snow event) - bear garlic started showing up!

Allium ursinum

Looking at last year's post, looks like the exact same time to the day! Even though we had a much colder March and more snow this year... Seems to me the bear garlic doesn't really give a damn and just wants to grow when he wants to grow!

Second, our lungwort plant at very early morning, hence the dramatic warm light.

Pulmonaria officinalis

One of the first flowers to bloom here in spring and I really enjoy the variation in flower color, usually starting with pinkish-peach color and moving towards a bluish purple in late spring and summer. By the way, I know it's hard to judge the size without a reference but here's same plant two years ago. It's at least trippled in size and it has seeded many small baby plants in the vicinity, which I'm looking forward to flowering next year.

Now, the mystery deepens - not sure if you can see the million purple spots in that photo?


Since we cleared the undergrowth and brush and debris on the floor of the micro forest 5 or 6 years ago, slowly but surely violets (most probably Viola Odorata) started appearing in ever increasing amounts. This year their scent is magnificent, working near the forest is like standing by the open door of a perfumery!

Their flowers are edible (delicious!) and can also be dried and used in herbal teas. Water infusions also work great! That gives me an idea for a project with the kiddos... and maybe those ice cubes with violets in them as well!

And finally, the most mysterious photo of the batch!


I know, I know, what is that, just a photo of some soil patch?

Actually, you're looking at the combined kitchen waste of two families of the entire 2019 + first two months of 2020 + the whole of the garden "waste" from autumn 2019 + spring 2020.

Our slow compost system based on inoculations works great and now that compost has had 2 full years to decompose and to be colonised by myriads of microorganisms and it's ready to be sieved and used in the garden. Photos of the process - in near future! I'll leave you with just a taste from last year's operation!


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