Saving tomato seeds

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Each year in the height of the summer our most important task is saving the seeds of all tomato varieties we grow.

Generally saving seeds is an easy and pleasant activity in the garden. However with tomatoes you need more patience and preparation. Especially when you are growing almost 30 different varieties!

The first step is to select different tomato fruits of each variety but coming from two different plants. For example we gather the best fruit of two different plants of tiger blush cherry tomato. This assures better genetic variety.

After the selection has been done the seed is carefully scooped out of each tomato and put into labelled cup. They're it sits for a few days while it ferments. You can clearly see when the fermentation has done its job when the seeds cleanly separate from the pulp.

A quick wash and then when we leave the seeds to dry on a piece of cotton cloth. After the seeds are completely dry they are very easily separated from one another.

Then all that's left to do is put the seed into to a labelled bag. And hope that the next growing season will come soon!

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