Perched grafting

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So here is a photo of @bobydimitrov perched on one of the compost bins made out of scrap pallets. He is working very focused as he grafts several of the many wild sour cherries that grow along the fence. I think he put several cultivars of regular cherry? Will have to wait a few years and see, I hope at least some of the grafts take!

There's a saying from the old people that if you graft a wild cherry with a cultivar, it stops sending thousands of root suckers in every direction. I really hope that turns out to be true!

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Woot! New trees! Cherries readily send out suckers? Our plum tree currently has a bunch, I've been digging them up and giving them to friends. When they have some, I'll plant a couple more of them here as well.

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Those are not cherries, I mean their fruit is not a cherry but a sour cherry. Smaller, longer stem, a bit of a sour taste. Not sure of the Latin name? Their tree shape is also different, very upright and with few side branches.

They send suckers in huge amounts. We fought them for a year and then we started cultivating them for coppice and now grafting.

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You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

To have no suckers would indeed be a dream! It will be interesting to see if it holds true.

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