More summer harvesting!

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Hello, I am continuing with my attempt to post photos I took a while back in the summer.

Today I found a nice photo of our regular harvest from the garden. As you can probably tell from the photo tomatoes are very important to us 😊

We also had great success this year with a "failed" carrot bed. Most of the seeds did not grow and that made the ones that did grow very far apart. As the variety is Chantaney, they are perfect for clay soils, they grow thick at the top, instead of tall and thin.

We only had about 20 similar carrots but they were more than 6 kilos! Oh and we had a good pepper year as well! Picked several buckets 30 liter each, full of green peppers!

Roasted green peppers is a very popular summer salad around here!

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Wow, what a carrot! We did our first gardening attempt this summer (actually, my husband did, I was more an observer than a gardener :D ). Unfortunately, our carrots looked just the opposite to yours :) I wouldn't really call them "carrots" :)

We also had different types of tomatoes, but here is the most beautiful one :D

Поздрави и плодотворни есенни дни :)

Горичката изглежда супер, плодни ли са дърветата?

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Люлката е между ябълка и слива, а горичката е от самопосяти лешници :) За съжаление, плодните дървета са стари и не родиха почти нищо. Надяваме се догодина там да изникне къща, така че направихме съвсем малка зеленчукова градинка, докато чакаме :)

Жалко, дърветата са голям капитал! Особено старите! Все ще успеете да запазите няколко за подновяваща резитба и ашладисване!

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I didn't realise that there were carrot varieties suited to clay soils. I must look into that.

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Makes all the difference in our case! The classic Nantes shaped carrots don't do very well in clay rich and other heavy soils. The other type that grows great is the small round carrots that look like radishes!

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