Colorful medicine!

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Ok so seeing that my last post about hot foil stamping did not get any interest from you guys I suppose I'll have to go back to gardening posts!

Today I have a single photo post for you! But what a photo it is! It's the colours of summer put together in a salad bowl!

We jokingly call cherry tomatoes colourful pills when we are talking with the kids. However this is only partly a joke because eating fresh organic home-grown tomatoes straight from the garden is as good as medicine as any!

In this small bowl we have 8 varieties tomatoes, cucumber and roasted green peppers from the garden. Also we have some of our sweet corn that kids like so much.

In the background you can see few jars of preserved sweet corn which we call golden pieces in winter. They sure are precious to us!

I'm not sure if there is enough science to back this up, but I'm pretty sure that eating fresh fruit and vegetables especially grown by us in our garden with the help of the kids tremendously helps for their immune system and general health.

For example our boy is nearly 7 now and he has never been to a doctor due to illness in his life. Same goes for baby girl who is 4 years old now and definitely not a baby! (Adding this just in case she reads this blog post in a few years)

And thanks to the fact that our first frost is now two to three weeks late, we're still picking tomatoes off the vine!

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The hot foil stamping looked cool!!! I just didn't see it. You should always try new things to post, don't worry about comments lol. You never know what might work!

Of course kids raised on a healthy diet in fresh air and sunshine are going to have heaps better health. I think a bit of dirt is good for their immune systems too and I am pretty sure there is science to back it up. And if not - there's certainly anecdotal evidence and that's good enough for me!

Can't wait for tomato season!

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. Yes! Fresh food that you grow yourself, knowing what has gone into it, can be great medicine, making for healthier immune systems and just health in general! I love that you call the cherry tomatoes colorful pills!
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Late season tomatoes always have a special flavour, maybe because we know it will be many, many months till we are blessed by their abundance again. What a wonderful looking salad!! Yes, my daughter is 15 and we're the same - no doctors and no dentists needed. :)

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