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RE: Benefits of Using Fish & Fish waste as fertilizer ( A must read)

in #gardening4 years ago

Excellent article!!! I have been using a commercial product Alaska Fish Fertilizer. It also helps to keep the deer away from consuming my plants because of the smell. I have since started burying all fish remains in the garden instead of throwing them in the trash. Better for the earth!!


Sure very good for the farms and our Eco system ...tks dude😎

Your welcome I appreciate the effort and research you put into the article! I have added fish to my garden and will add even more now! Returning to the earth is powerful. We need to keep the cyle and design going as organic as possible!

Sure and hope you read my updated one on aquaponics ..for sustainable gardening even in drought and or winter😋 also doing a series on Burns and scalds...take a look...

Will read your other posts as well!!

good choice as i updated today also..