Growing Vegetables in the garden is fun

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Hello Steemians! Hope you are doing good. I just wanted to share the fun experience that I had by planting vegetables in my garden. I have a small backyard where I can grow small flowering plants or spinach plants. I have quite a few varieties of flowering plants in my garden. But I have never experimented growing vegetables in the garden.

After getting inspiration from lots of terrace garden groups in social networking websites, I thought why not try growing vegetables either in the garden or in my terrace. When people who are living in a flat system can grow these vegetables in their terrace garden, I thought why not I give it a try. I went to the market and bought few pots to grow them. I had enough soil in my house suitable for their growth so I prepared a mixture of soil and the home-made manure that I had.

Though I had experience doing gardening works with the assistance of my grandfather and grandmother, I always thought that if I plant something, I may not get a good yield. It's been several years since I spent my time in the garden. The reason being water issues and construction works that happened in my house. So with a mixed feeling, I gave it a try. My first experimental vegetable was ladiesfinger. I have heard from my mother and grandmother that it is very comfortable to grow ladiesfinger in the garden.


This image was taken in my camera during my first harvest

The yield for the season was very impressive. We even got in Kilos some days. During the actual peak time, we used to get a minimum of 4 ladies finger every day. It was not just from one plant though. I had multiple pots filled with many plants. Every single plant gave me around 1 kilo throughout the cycle. It was quite interesting to actually do it. I have also collected some seeds from these plants to sow in the next season. I'm planning to also try other vegetables in the next season.

Today I was gazing through the photos in my gallery looking for ideas to write about something. I ended up with the above image of me holding ladies finger in my hand during my first harvest. This also brought me all the memories that I had planting these plants and nurturing them and watering them every day. Even today I have around 100 tree saplings in my house. I grow them from seed as one of my hobbies and plant them in a safe place in my locality. I have a group of my friends who help me plant them. It gives lots of fun and relaxation.

Hope you had an interesting read. I will meet you all again in another article. Please share your views in the comments section. Thank you.


Yes! Its Fun and Healthy too! Free from Chemicals and Pesticides! :)

You are absolutely right @faady92. The fundamental fact is that garden vegetables are healthy free from any chemicals. Thanks for the comment.

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Nice... very inspiring...