Spring Sprung Today

in gardening •  9 months ago

Our daffodil has finally decided to bloom. It's only taken a month of riding out the freezing temps!

It's gained some height, more buds and the first two buds are blossoming!

Our chives are coming on strong, too.

Here's the prime example of the previous owner's gardening 'design' on tulips:

Just plunk them in the ground. I'm happy they're in a straight line at this point. I've never been brave enough to dig up the bulbs.

Fingers crossed (pun intended) my therapy keeps making progress so I can get the Ragtag Garden underway very soon.

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Great to see you posting @aunt-deb. Been checking to see if you have posted for the past couple of days. I know you are working hard. The daffodils are a welcome addition to brighten up your world. Things are starting to happen again. It seems like just yesterday you were planning the new rag tag. ❤️🐓🐓


Thanks! I've been running around to doctor and therapy appointments, so sometimes I skip a day or two. I got a few really good exercises to help with mobility for finger coordination on my right hand. Writing and typing are sloppy yet, but coming back. Whew!!

That daffodil bloom made my week! Hard to beat that cheery color! Ragtag is still in the works and even hubby is asking when radishes are going in. Hoping to get the seed starting 'dirt' mixed up and the first indoor plants going by next weekend.


Thanks! Good to see you posting again. Missed you!

Yay for spring! Thanks for sharing the photos of the new growth and blossoms. Its such an exciting time in the garden isn't it?


Agreed! Glad the new stuff is inspiring and fun to see what will pop up next!

Yay! Glad to see signs of a garden for you. Our daffodils died when the temps dropped and it snowed randomly. I just saw the therapy and looked through your posts! Oh no! I hope you are okay now. I'm so sorry to hear you had a stroke!. I'm glad to see you back around these parts. I've missed seeing you and wondered what happened.


This extended winter is nuts this year. I'm surprised these actually made it through to blossoms. They sure brighten the outlook for warmer weather!

Thanks for encouragement! It's hard being away from y'all. It sure is a good motivator for getting my typing back up to par! It may take a while, but I'm stubborn. ;~P

Glad to see there is some Spring life at your place through your flowers and chives. We noticed little things like dandelions popping up from the three or four 65 degree days, but it is supposed to get back below freezing in the next day or two and we will be right back at square one. The waiting is only going to make me enjoy Spring that much more when it comes!


Spring is definitely playing hide-n-seek this year! I'll even welcome those dandelions at this point.

Very nice to see things warming up enough to start blooming and growing. Looking forward to what the spring and summer ragtag has to bring!


Agreed! I'm so over the cold wet and wind. I'm excited for the season to really get going!

The squirrels ate most of my bulbs lol ...


They do that to my planters. I think those bulbs have been there so long though, they've given up trying.

Glad you are making some progress with your recovery.

Chives are one of my favorites too. So reliable and useful.


Thanks! It's definitely worth the effort especially when the progress is noticeable. They're doing a great job making sure that happens.

Agreed on the chives! This batch is our oldest at 20+ years and it needs no 'tending'. It just gets the occasional haircut. Perfect!

A row of tulips is better than no tulips at all! I can't grow them here, because the deer like them so well. Recently I succumbed to temptation and bought four ranunculus and planted them in a pot. I've been bringing them into the house at night, because it has been down to 32 yet. Hope you continue to recover, and speedily!


True that! I didn't know deer were partial to tulips though. Learn something new every day!

Portability is one of the best features on pots. I hope they bloom like crazy for you!

Thanks for the well wishes!