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The winter blahs combined with the remnants of a cold have been kicking my fanny the past few days.

Temps are still very chilly thanks to the steady breezes from the north. I've only been going out when absolutely necessary. The other day I noticed the daffodils planted out front (randomly in the lawn by the previous owners) had started to send up some leaves. It's a little cold and early, but I figured we've had enough above freezing days with increasing daylight that it triggered them.

Then, I laughed when I spotted two buds already formed. They're barely above ground level! The tallest leaf is probably under six inches. The tips of the leaves show a bit freeze damage, but even that didn't deter the buds.

So, in spite of the roller-coaster temps, these daffy flowers are doing their best telling winter to get lost.

I heartily agree!

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I wish daffodils did good here but there are too many bulb eating critters and the soil is very Clay like.


You'd probably do well with them in pots, but that can get a little 'fussy' to deal with.

Interesting to see how hardy the daffodils are. Mark Shepard uses them below his apple trees because they out compete grasses and don't slow the growth of the trees.


They are tough for looking so delicate. Interesting tidbit about the apple trees!

They're willing the winter away! I love the changing of the seasons.


They're giving a good go!

We are so lucky where we are. The daffodils grow wild by the thousand.


That is a lucky break! Has to be a spectacular show!

Can’t blame you for curling up to your heating pad. You have had more than your fair share of icky weather. A sign, just a small sign that things are slowly turning around may be just what the doctor ordered. 🐓🐓


Lol! That's about it the last couple of weeks. The daffs are holding up to the sleet we got last night. Tomorrow is forecast to be 55 and sunny. (Best news all week and definitely fills the prescription!) I wonder what they'll do... Will be fun to see if they react at all!

Haha, yes I agree as well!!

Daffodils are my favorite flowers, because they are one of the first to bloom in the spring! I tried to buy some late in the fall, but none were to be found. So I settled for narcissus and hyacinths, which are barely poking up out of the mud. And some of them are bumping into globs of snow .


Oooh, narcissus and hyacinths! They smell sooooo great! They should be coming up any time now as they're usually not far behind the daffs. Good choices!

These flowers tell you that spring will be nicer. ..


I hope so. I'm really ready for this weather to take a turn for the warmer.

It seems like it will be a spring full of daffodils. We have some popping up and I'm noticing a ton of them around town. I didn't see this many last spring.


They do tend to be attention-grabbers, especially in clumps that really make the yellow blooms pop. This batch didn't bloom last year, so this year's version is even funnier. It's so nice to see them make an appearance wherever they are!

SEeeing the flowers popping up always makes me smile;) great post


Thanks! Seeing them sure lifted my spirits out of the blahs! The first ones of the season seem to be a little extra welcome.

Thank you. I now have hope that spring is coming.


It's definitely a promising sign! Soon...

As the Sun gets higher in the sky, warming the ground, there’s no holding them back!


True that! They get a good amount of light all day with the trees still leaf-less, too. It's a good remedy for cabin-fever. Lol!

Love daffodils.. such pretty flowers


Me, too! They look so dainty, but dang, they're sturdy!

What I hate is everything starts budding and then it all dies again because it turns cold. Soon warmer weather will be here though.


Ditto. The only things I don't worry about making it through are my ancient chives and these daffs. They are also the only plants that are 'hands-off'. They're entirely on their own and show back up every year. Wish the other stuff was that hardy!

What this flower? @aunt-deb?


They are daffodils. Can hardly wait for the blooms.

We're still having some bad weather too (although not quite bad enough to snow). I ended up having to plant my raspberries indoors in pots.

Me too...Winter get lost!!