Whats your favourite gardening tool?

in #gardening4 months ago

Steemians what is your favourite gardening tool and why?

Today while transplanting some dahlias seedlings into their own pots, a neighbour came over to nosey about what I was doing, he asked me a question that I pose to you today, what is your favourite gardening tool and why?

I looked at him and thought a little bit, was it my rake? my spade? my tiller? and then it dawned on me, it was a spoon.

Even though a spoon isn't really a gardening tool it serves me so much use and comes in real handy for little jobs that a trowel can't do.

For example, do you want to dig your plant up when digging a weed? No, but a spoon can get down and around a weed pretty easy and takes it out with out damaging the plant itself.

I use it for other things as well, I make holes in soil to replant seedlings, it makes lifting the seedlings so much easier than pulling at the leafs.




The warm weather today got me out all day, so glad to see a bit of sunshine.