Tomato Plants Are Growing

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Hello, steemians!

Last week, I wrote about starting some tomato plants from seeds. Here is an update on that process.

I've been bringing the plants out to the greenhouse during the day, if it's nice out, and bringing them back into the house at night. I didn't want to leave the plants in the greenhouse overnight because of the night time temperatures. The plants have grown a bit over the past week.


Yesterday, I started the next batch of tomato plants . I planted 6 seeds each of 4 different types of tomato in the little square starter pots, one seed per pot. I was short by 2 pots to use, so I transplanted the 2 largest tomato plants from the first batch to larger pots so I could re-use the small pots.


I brought the plants back in the house last night and put them next to the new batch that I just started. The shelf was a bit crowded so I had to put a few of the starter pots on top of the light stand.


Today, I brought the plants back out to the greenhouse, and put them on my portable workbench next to the heat wall inside the greenhouse. The heat wall is built with dry stacked cement blocks, with the sun facing side painted black to absorb heat from the sun during the day. The wall gives off that heat at night which slows down the cooling of the inside of the greenhouse.


The weather report said that the temperature would not fall below freezing tonight, so I decided to leave the plants in the greenhouse for the night. That way, they'll get the natural morning sunlight tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be able to leave the plants in the greenhouse overnight from now until summer. The full sunlight is better for them than my starter lamp light, and they grow stronger in the greenhouse than they do inside the house.

That's all I have for this post, thanks for stopping by to check it out!

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