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Hello my friends,

How is everyone doing? Still under quarantine here in the Philippines and that would explain why my garden is in this state

This post is my entry to the garden journal challenge of @simplymike and if you are curious about it I added this link below so check it out

This pandemic and the quarantine made me realise that those who grow their own food are better off than those who have money but could not use them to purchase because there could be scarcity of food supply or it is difficult to go outside. That made me use everything that is available within my household to start container gardening. Most of the plants I show here came from seeds of fruits and vegetables. The first two photos are outside our house I could not get a better angle because I was inside. I felt lazy to grab my face mask so I can go outside and take photos.

This is a tomato growing from a PET bottle
This is an onion that sprouted in my counter top so instead of throwing it away I planted it on a recycled mineral water bottle.
These two potted plants are from my late mom. They are African violets that yield beautiful purple flowers. Look how they are slowly dying. Their leaves turning brown and decaying. I don't know what is the cause and could not find a quick fix. I felt like I let my mom down these are her favourite and my remaining memories of her
This is one of those African violets that slowly died I made use of the pot to grow the seeds of lychee fruits. Look they already grew. I'm happy to see this sign of life and my first time to see lychee seedlings
This is a pepper. Still figuring out what kind
On the same pot where the pepper is growing I planted some orange seeds here they are about 2 weeks old
Last week my sister gave me seeds of the blue ternatea aside from its beautiful flowers it also grows edible pods. I planted them on this microwavable container and later on will find a bigger pot for it. Out of the 10 seeds one sprouted and showed positive signs which makes me happy and hopeful
This was from last month. The bitter gourd vine looking pale and thin maybe a container is not good for it. I miss seeing a bountiful bitter gourd harvest. Just below it is a ginger from my brother. We are making a good use of whatever is available from seeds to recycled containers
These are rambutan seeds left on this pot to dry and will plant them when ready
These are rambutan fruits already drying and not good to consume. We had a lot of them this season and will grow more seedlings to give away
Here I am just waiting for the rambutan seeds to grow from these plastic cups

The last is this ornamental plant that bears small white flowers. Took a few cuttings and dipped them on water. Hoping they will grow roots but I'm not sure if this method would work. I used the bottles of table wines as their temporary container. I'm afraid these will attract mosquitoes but so far no larva seen it could be because of the narrow bottle neck.

That's it my friends hope you enjoyed reading my journal.

Much love,

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