Chili Peppers are Coming to Harvest

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I Planted on Chili Plant

And I got five chili peppers so far. One (the cover) just went into a batch of Chili for a friend who was missing the wonderful stew while in Argentina.

Remember the little flowers I had posted?


Here is a bud. The best sign I have that these hard to come by reds are setting up to become ripe every few weeks.


I just have to remember to pollinate them manually. For some reason, the bees don't often make it up the my balcony where I built my garden on the edge of a wall.


When I am successful at finding all the little white flowers and giving them a shake, I get these green chilies heading straight out to the side.


As they start to ripen, then bow a bit toward the ground and the red comes in from the bottom upward toward the stem. At first, I thought something was wrong with this little guy, but I have seen it getting redder every day since I took these (right around Easter).


I have never successfully grown chili peppers, so this is a new experience for me. Here are a couple more that are not ready to be plucked off and added to the pot as of yet.


I have to wait for them to fatten up a bit. I am so glad I tossed the seeds from summer chilies into my garden. Though only one sprouted, I am happy with the quantity of peppers I am getting.

Spoiler... I was able to by Habaneros for the first time in a couple decades here in the way-down-south. Yes, I did pop some seeds in the ground and we will see...


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