Simple Garden Pond Part # 2

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Once you have dug your pond it will be necessary to place the underlayment carefully contouring to the shape of your pond. After you have placed your underlayment you may add your pond liner directly on top. Be sure both your underlayment and pond liner go beyond your pond by at least one or feet. This will allow you to create a stone border while preventing your bond from getting dirty by rain runoff. Your pond liner and underlayment should also extend beyond your stream bed.

Once your underlayment and pond liner are situated consider the installation of your pond skimmer and waterfall feature. One installed you may now place stones to create your waterfall feature, as well as pond stones for beauty. Now that you have created your pondscape, it is time to consider your plant purchases. Most garden centers and big box retailers such as Home Depot or Lowes will be able to assist you with plant selection. Common plants popular for most home garden ponds include lilies, umbrella grass, and water hyacinth. One may also consider certain aquarium plants that will provide shelter and oxygenation for your fish. Koi and goldfish offer the most popular fish options. Please also consider the size of your pond when choosing fish.

Once you have selected your plants you may begin to fill your pond with water. Decide on plant placement and fill your pond to the appropriate level. Now is the time you will wish to test your waterfall and skimmer filtration system. It is best to allow your pond to filter for 24 to 48 hours prior to the introduction of fish. You may also consider adding additional light sources in and around your pondscape. This will allow maximal enjoyment both night and day.

Landscaping around your pond will also add to the overall beauty of your area. Consider plans that look natural in a bog setting. Statuary also can add a level of formality to your completed project. Elephant ears, red maples, banana trees and small flowering plants can provide a beautiful border to your pond. The options are endless and indulge your creativity. Your pond should be a one of a kind creation that best suits you.

Once you have purchased your fish please introduce them to your pond by gradually floating their bags for at least 30 minutes to allow for the temperature to equalize. This will prevent shock your fish. Also consider not pouring the water from the bags into the pond as this will lower the possibility of introducing parasitic pests. Now that you have completed this it is time to enjoy your pond.


Thank you so much for this advice. It’s important to clean a garden pond in a way that is safe for plants and fish. The easiest way to keep it clean is to install a filter and pump. You’ll only need to change the filter medium once in a while. Just be sure there is an intake screen to protect fish. Without a filter system, cleaning the pond by hand once a year should be adequate. Remove debris by hand or with a net. If the water is still pretty dirty, drain the pond and give it a good scrubbing. You’ll have to move any fish and plants briefly to do this. Keep fish in water and plants moist. Read here about pond filter -

How beautiful...and how relaxing it must be to sit by the pond <3 <3

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